Syracuse Chiefs renamed Syracuse Mets

New York Mets’ Triple A prospects will no longer be based in Las Vegas as their new Minor League affiliate is only a short drive away in Syracuse, county seat of Onondaga County, New York. This is because the Minor League Baseball franchise which was formerly known as the Syracuse Chiefs is now an affiliate with the New York Mets and as such will undergo a name change and from now on will bear the name Syracuse Mets.

This name change was pretty much expected as the Mets bought the Syracuse Chiefs in 2018. In addition, the New York Mets also entered into an operating agreement with New York State and Onondaga County which stipulates that the two parties will work in close cooperation at least until 2043 in aiding the development of Syracuse Mets’ home, the NBT Bank Stadium. It is reported that they will pump a total of $25 million into upgrading the stadium.

End of the Washington Nationals Affiliation

The Syracuse Chiefs were an affiliate to the Washington Nationals up until 2018 and that’s why the New York Mets had to wait for the season to finish before they changed the logo and the team name.

It would have been somewhat strange to see Washington Nationals associated players bearing the Mets logo, that’s for sure.

Getting Used To the New Name

The geographical proximity of the two teams certainly helps when it comes to Syracuse fans getting used to the name change and the Mets are hoping that Syracuse fans will get fully behind the Syracuse Mets and the New York Mets as a result.

Star Names

Syracuse fans will enjoy in the fact that they will now have the chance to see some stellar names on the NBT Bank Stadium, such as Tim Tebow, whose 2018 season was ended by a wrist injury. The Heisman Trophy winner is rumored to be one of the first players to play for the Syracuse Mets in 2019.