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Syracuse Baseball Parks History and Locations

1858-65 Baseball is played in three locations during this time.

  • Otisco Street Lot - Later called the May School Grounds... Located on Otisco St.
  • West Fayette Street-Geddes Street Grounds - Located on the corner of Fayette and Geddes Sts.
  • Catherine Street Park - Located below Rose Hill Cemetery at Lodi St... Often referred to as Rose Hill Park.

1866-68 Baseball is now played at the above listed sites and:

  • Armory Park - Located Downtown Syracuse at Clinton and Jefferson Sts.
  • West Onondaga Street Grounds - Located near St. Mary's Cemetery.

1869 Baseball is played once again at Armory Park and the renamed Rose Hill Park.

1869-70 Central City Grounds - Located on Onondaga St... Home of the Central City Club.

1869-74 Driving Park - Located off Westcott St.

1875-84 Lakeside Park - Located on Marsh Rd., which is now known as Hiawatha Blvd... 1876 saw the introduction of professional baseball to Syracuse, in the form of the Syracuse Stars... While playing for four years at Lakeside Park, the Stars were members of three different leagues:

  • 1876 - Independent Team
  • 1877 - League Alliance
  • 1878 - International Association
  • 1879 - National League

1878-84 Newell Park - Located at the corner of South Salina St. at the corner of Croton Ave., now renamed Raynor Ave.

1885-99 Star Park I - Located at South Salina St. (Block 160D), extended south to West Taylor St., west to Oneida St, including Baker St. (now renamed South Clinton St.), northwest to D.L. & W. Railroad line, and north to within 125 ft. of Temple St... After a five-year absence, professional baseball returns to Syracuse... While playing at Star Park, the Syracuse Stars were members of four leagues:

  • 1885 - New York State League
  • 1886-87 - International League
  • 1888-89 - International Association
  • 1891-92 - Eastern League
  • 1893 - Did Not Play
  • 1894-99 - Eastern League

1890 Three Rivers Park - Located at Three Rivers Park in Phoenix, NY... Three Rivers was used only in 1890 by the Syracuse Stars of the American Association... A bleacher crash injured many fans.

1900-01 Athletic Field - Located on the southern side of Hiawatha Blvd. between Liberty and Pulaski Sts... Often called Star Park II... Athletic Field was used the Syracuse Stars of the Eastern League.

1902-04 Star Park I - Was again used by the Syracuse Stars, playing now in the New York State League.

1905-06 Athletic Field - Now referred to as New Star Park or Star Park II... Was again used by the Syracuse Stars of the New York State League.

1907-18 Hallock Park - Located at the end of North Salina St. at Onondaga Lake, just north of Hiawatha Blvd... Today opposite the Regional Market on the west side of Park St. near the Rt. 81 off-ramp... Also called 1st Ward Park or Star Park III... Used by the Syracuse Stars of the New York State League, and in 1918, of the International League.

1920 Archbold Stadium - Located on the Syracuse University Campus... Used for a short time by the Syracuse Stars of the International League until the new International League Park was completed.

1920-29 Star Park IV - Located on the north side of Genesee St, extending south 500 ft. to Harbor Brook and Warsaw Ave., to State Fair Blvd... First called International League Park, but called Star Park from the first day it opened... The Syracuse Stars played in the International League until 1928, when they joined the New York Penn League until the disbanding of the Stars in 1929.

1934-96 MacArthur Stadium - Located on what was called LeMoyne Park, north of Hiawatha Blvd. at Second North St... First called Municipal Stadium... Used by the Syracuse Chiefs from 1934-57 and 1961-96... Last game played on September 2, 1996.

1997-Present Alliance Bank Stadium - Located on Tex Simone Dr. at Hiawatha Blvd... Built on the former third base parking lot of MacArthur Stadium... Named on October 8, 1996... Dedicated on April 2, 1997... First game played on April 3, 1997.